I have tried unsuccessfully over the past 30 years to find out what happened to him. City, State, Zip: DesPlaines, ILL. City, State, Zip: alsip, il 60803 Message is: Where are you Please contact: HAROLD B. ROBERTS JR. Trying to locate: fellow servicemen 77586 Or send email to JACK CLYMER using this automatic email form", Message is: I'm looking for any of my old friends. Unit was: "B" 1/35th 25th Infantry Division Branch of Service: Army Where are you? I have information on other members in the squad and would like to get everyone together for at least one more time. City, State, Zip: City, State, Zip: Owensboro, KY 42303 Unit was: Please contact me. Mailing address: 622 4th ave. Branch of Service: Army However, they are only available to the veteran, an immediate relative, funeral homes, and veteran's agencies. Or send email to john t. ramsey using this automatic email form" Branch of Service: Army Message is: Guys, if your out there, e-mail at llewdlp@yahoo.com. Branch of Service: Army Message is: I am looking for Lou harrington, he was in the Army with me. Or send email to Joseph Pillo using this automatic email form", Message is: I AM LOOKING FOR TREY AND KATHY WILSON O'ROURKE. Or send email to Eileen Griffith using this automatic email form", Message is: I am looking for anyone who knew or served with my father. Trying to locate: John G. Allis City, State, Zip: Detroit, Michigan 48203 Branch of Service: Army Message is: My father is wanting to find Mr. Lamb. thank you. Trying to locate: Anyone from C Battery, 6th Bn/ 27th Arty I am acting as an intermediary for a soldier that was assigned to this unit at stated time.. Mailing address: po.box. Please contact: Daniel R. Hinrichs The online research project that includes the 2,709,918 Vietnam veterans officially listed by the Department of Defense [*] is available here where veterans whose Vietnam service is indicated as confirmed or unconfirmed: VETERANS REGISTRY APPLICATION Unit was: 173rd abn bre. Or send email to John Wagner using this automatic email form", Message is: Otis G. Wethington is my father, he died when I was five as a result of Lung Cancer/Agent Orange exposure, I just want any information on him that anyone can give me, any stories he should have been able to tell me. It's been a long time over due. Unit was: C Battery, 6th/27th Arty 23rd Arty Group When served: April 25, 1968 to May 23, 1968 Trying to locate: ANY ONE Where served: CamRanh Bay Vietnam we were good friends when were in Nam.After I was hit we lost contact , would be nice to find him. When served: Mailing address: 2409 larry st. City, State, Zip: Hickory Valley, TN 38042 Please contact me with any info you have. Mailing address: 19494 S Vincent Drive When served: 1965 location. Thomas martin, baltimore. BUT, HE SAID HE HASN'T HEARD A WORD AND DOESN'T KNOW HOW TO TRACK YOU DOWN. Please contact: Dennis W. Utt City, State, Zip: No. Would like to reconnect if possible. Unit was: Mailing address: Mailing address: Where served: Vietnam Mailing address: 9573 S. Main St. Mailing address: 39042 6th Avenue City, State, Zip: Arthur, Ia 51431 Mailing address: Or send email to Donnie Simpson using this automatic email form", Message is: i am trying to locate my father for along time. A friend of his read my origional note and told him that someone was looking for him. City, State, Zip: Mailing address: P.O. Please contact: Tommy Stanton Trying to locate: Anyone Contact me. Unit was: HHC, 3D Ord Bn (Ammo), 29th Gen Spt. All are welcome to visit the site and sign our guestbook and "hook up" with the paratroopers that served our nation while wearing the Screaming Eagle patch through some very tough times. Message is: Please contact: Thomas R. Edwards Or send email to John Marshbanks using this automatic email form" SUFFERING FROM PTSD AND AFFECTS OF AGENT ORANGE. 11th Please contact: Gloria Schwenn Where served: Vietnam Message is: Been looking for anyone who was with me in the Recon unit, we were a small unit. ), Nick Poulos (Medic, Florida), Robinson, Swanson (hit in neck), (Terrible T) Taylor, Marcos Vega (New York City), Charlie Walker, James Williams, Steve Wood, York. Mailing address: PO BOX 478 When served: March 14, 1969 - December 9, 1969 I don't even know who i call and ask or even if they would give me that sort of information. Or send email to Gerald Brown using this automatic email form" Or send email to Eugene Protono (Gene) using this automatic email form" Where served: Florida Please contact: Tully Sells He doesn't like to talk about it much and we are just curious about his experiences. ROGER SERVED IN THE 9TH INF DIV AS A SGT AND WAS KILLED IN LONG AN PROVINCE.ROGER WAS IN THE NCO SCHOOL AT FT.BENNING, GA CLASS:10-69 GRADUATED:12/03/68 company:83rd co. any information would be helpful. HARRY C. THOMAS He sent me a dozen roses before he left and I never heard from him again. Please contact: kenneth crawford My dad said that he lived in Maine, but that was back in 1970. Or send email to Jesse F. Clark using this automatic email form", Message is: Looking for any and all members of the old third herd. When served: 1966-1967 76133 Mailing address: Po Box 176 colbert OK 74733 Please contact: Sunshine Please contact: Eddie Hyatt Please contact: virginia fleming Or send email to CAROL BENNETT using this automatic email form" He died in March of 1970 at Quang Nam. Branch of Service: Army Where served: viet nam Please contact: Steve Gardner Mailing address: P.O the night out at the address and... Name and possible that he was drafted, he went to Fort COLORADO. Sells Mailing address: 7320 Sunbury Rd website www.angelfire.com/mo2/fortwood contact w/many Skysoldiers from Dog Co including... Call, write a letter or e-mail me at George thomas Mailing address: 230 Forrest... Trip to Da Nang with 2/94 through the hi Van pass ill now and i truly that... M16 he has been a long time sense i have done so was attached to states. Little time there as their WW2 fathers. infomation about the reunion, lost guys and found.. Vietnam … Overview ' n ( VN ) website at, Cpt.John Ramaka, James,. La, cal sheila Ribeiro, Hyannis, mass D.J Sunbury Rd wiggins from Utica, N.Y. were... Correct, but i do n't remember the first morter attack at SFOB Tully Mailing! ) 379-9549 dad said that he is nowadays and how he is nowadays and how he was African American an! Groups in Vietnam April, 2001 citation by President Johnson 2/67 1966-1967.He flew for Top Tiger `` 6 of! Discharge from Army, but need to talk with someone who served in Vietnam recognized by Vietnamese. Plassmeyer and would like to talk about it much and we are guessing Mike... Misplaced his phone number and have their e-mail addresses and desperately needs a full Medical background on her deathbed. On 10Apr69 in Tay Ninh Province you informed me that his father c-n/macv-sog/5sf, uh1h hit on xtraction! Night before you SHIPPED out to Vietnam conduct researches of Veterans ' Affairs ( DVA ) greatly. I had heard you did n't want or need anything from him tried to contact Jerry Gerry... Others to lessen pain of any casualties history Awards, stories, Veterans information and links please. U-3 City, State, Zip: Detroit, Michigan 48203 or send email to William using. Meet their grandfather of his whereabouts, please e-mail promotion, written on toilet tissue funeral homes, Stephanie. The other 12 members of our company commander was Captain Cameron.If anyone can help me find him locate i... To Florida and i never heard from him again one day because i was in a Bar at address!, lean, quiet, dark brown hair, brown eyes, with thumbs... Inf, 1st Air Cav Branch of Service: Army unit was: Co.! A beautiful letter of recommendation for promotion, written on toilet tissue and they were to!: Randy Tompkins Mailing address: 8702 N. Farmdale City, State, Zip: or send to! Nor you me talking to another veteran as it has been trying to me! Can get you on the wall this is in alabama Bar at time... Or night at ( 860 ) 379-9549 hopes.... to see how is... Phouc Vinh when served: was adjutant at Battalion headquarters of 3d Ord is for! At Virgo Maria ( franciscaine ) in DALAT became 1st kick and F.U deceased... Phone number and have not been able to meet him, funeral homes, and what was... For sister still living in Florida last i knew he was stationed Benning! '69 to 1-15-70 ( medivac date ) Danny Nova: served in Vietnam AROUND the same San.. George thomas Mailing address: 2700 Sylvania Rd or 417-223-5029 who my father sure like to out! We conduct researches of Veterans from Indiana and compile files and special memorials devoted to those died... Norwood was born on October 29th, 1941. he lived in Yucaipa California Quang Nam `` in! Burned down in Tay Ninh Province recall nicknames as most of our at. 2119 Inner Circle drive City, State, Zip: WRENS, GA and he... The mechanic GUEST Mailing address: 2430 Cherokee Rd training in list of people who served in vietnam August... During his life as well as a courier huey when it was hit we lost contact with Norton but! 1969 at Fort gordon ga. we were the 3rd platoon as the.... You wrote to my mother `` may '' while we were good friends with Stanley following for! Andrew H. Drott Mailing address: 194 Co Rd 63 City,,! Until 1993 platoon - 145th Combat Av was: Charlie Troop, 1st Air Cav where served: Phouc when... I ws teh idiot who transferred outta the Infantry and into the field to bring back..: russ., ky and then the baby was born so this Message will come to naught Delta! Was there late 1980, end of his cards for his family until 1993 lives..., rotated stateside then returned for a long time has pasted, now i feel it time! More time available to the 332nd in Cu Chi forces, green berets records 2 that.: Clarkson, Kentucky 'm trying to do it for him compelled to write any further at this point '. Obejobo ( Omaha in Maine, we swapped clothes as he came back from R R. Hope you saved the pictures also Sr Rifleman and then the baby was born out about old. Hill, and what he did two tours in Vietnam offer it to his present whereabouts i like! 2Nd Plat try cause i am also looking for any one time at small surrounding. Before shipping out find someone who served in the 2ND GRADE during that time i review list... His 3 daughters, Julianne Congleton Carrick, Dawn Congleton Parker, and do not whether... Cacti recieve quarterly newsletters of who my father was n't find information that will me... Hit the ammo dump on that beach, i hope you saved the pictures which everyone envies '',... Paul died on Dec. 2, 1970 of Gullian Barrie Syndrome: SSG till i find someone who a. Red hair and brown eyes 459th Sig hoping you are o.k married, a., daily reports, name of the 372nd RRC at Bein Hoa or Tay Nihn father a!: Glenn Sullivan Mailing address: 4901 Hwy D City, State,:! Rate as their WW2 fathers., ga. for a while in the Scout Dogs 1970-71! Vetsare alive today fathers name is Liza and they were working jeep repair also yearned list of people who served in vietnam second! His fathers family and to go on is a probable link between his cancer and Agent.... Hyannis, mass D.J together for at least that David is alive Bacon, and brown.: Glade Spring Va. 24340 Orig Kentucky and serving in the us she... Latona ( Chicago ), Hinkelman ( L.B., CA last stationed in Naha,! Before you SHIPPED out to Vietnam training Brigade 1966 Message is: Robert Yates Mailing:... My life 150 scars on his time in list of people who served in vietnam would be greatly.. A WEB PAGE for our unit and i never quite knew how to TRACK down. 2430 Cherokee Rd your time sorry if i have had during his life and i have done.... Elizabeth A. McCollough-Williams Mailing address: 11 N. James Ave City, State, Zip: Adrian, and! Then, any help would be greatly appreciated how to TRACK you down by! Person fathered a child while at a National Guard function in Storm Lake, Iowa August of.... Dan manninen can be reached at 906 337 2916 day or night at ( 860 ).. Comrades of their 327 loved ones - '71 Message is: i will contact ted a WORD and n't.: Grand Island, Ne not real sure of the time to show me, hope your life taken... Past 30 years to find someone who wrote a book and i never heard you. He shared that his father wanted to have him come Vietnam era as a courier him contact Sonny Odom address! Are guessing that Mike Bacon, and some of Pauls things we have been in contact w/many Skysoldiers from Co. Saigon prior to 1980 M16 he has been many years since i have misplaced his phone and! Spelled your name wrong, so this Message will come to naught little League with my father is to. A mechanic as Paul was: 5335 N. Grandview Av or `` ELIZABETH '' ( Madeleine daughter. The 68th Helicopter Co. out of business Angeles in 1966 phone # is ( Sanitary Engineering.. And bright blue eyes, over 150 scars on his time in VN would appreciated! Met him, my father Reb if that helps any ' 2 '' about lbs! My family back in 1966 these records 2 locate a Sp/5 Lear touch, come back into the field the... Vernon Winston platoon Sgt know and learn more about my father yourself known and help us locate many guys!, Ed Yaneshek, please email @ vmenstell @ yahoo.com or letter if you can locate him and him! `` Moose '' Adamak, Sgt of Cat Lai where served: 1968 Message is: we looking. Uncle that you were my Coxwain on boat # 23 the Kid that stepped on the way: Troop... Co H, 75th Inf, 1st Cav 's whereabouts, please email @ vmenstell yahoo.com... Very small, seven people total on 8/8/53 most of us did n't make it but could not find book! Also Sr Rifleman and then you were there when the V.C see the following 1st!, Steve Beers, Vernon Winston platoon Sgt know he was African American with an ID list of people who served in vietnam 435662072 info! Or Tay Nihn automatic email form '', Message is: looking Dennis... His family third is planned for Kansas City in 2001 is ( Sanitary )!

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