Thank you! The bottom is a refresh that look less than 60 seconds. I love your sofas so much and it’s so helpful to read a thorough review before buying such an investment piece. Just wondering how old your sofa is now and what you think. I was really impressed with the durability. Then because of that mix up I didn’t get any key rewards for my purchase and they won’t reply to any of my e-mails regarding the issue. Besides wine spills, etc. I hope you found this review helpful! We have a canvas slipcover for grandkids and big kids eating dinner on. It arrive two weeks ahead of schedule which was a nice surprise! 76 off room board dean three seater sofa sofas sofa room board dean for in new york letgo dean leather sofa room by r b modern living minneapolis top yellow living room furniture of dean sofa with marcel chair. We want our home to be livable, so nothing is considered precious. I tried it in the sample and can’t get it off. We did on the ivory everyday linen & pilled up like you said! This is a light oatmeal color and very neutral. Your review was very helpful, thank you for posting it. We’ve found that they have gotten comfier with time and the fabric has worn so well. I read review after review on sites like Houzz about the quality of various Pottery Barn couches (and the fabrics, specifically), so I knew what not to order. I’m loving the sofa, but would like to use the existing lumbar pillows and just change the covers out, but I don’t see any from Pottery Barn that fit the dimensions. And again once the lumbar pillows are added back on. Fortunately I purchased it from Costco and it will be going back. We purchased one as well about the same time as you! I am hoping they have a 30% sale this coming Memorial Day weekend because I plan to purchase it. Just looks a saggy mess. It fits well and the best part is, the Performance Everydaylinen™ by Crypton® Home is dry cleanable. Are you sure you got Performance everyday linen oatmeal ? Otherwise it’s all good and overall I’m a very happy customer! I am considering the same fabric and color and also have two children…which makes the choice a little scary. Since we know they won’t leave the cushions alone, I usually have blankets on the backs of the sofas now to at least contain some of the fur. But I love both looks! I hope you have a different fabric and better luck. Only recently did I run into an issue where I was laying on a blue throw pillow with wet hair. If you look in the shadows of the photo directly above, you can see how they look when there isn’t direct light hitting them. We have had zero issues with pilling. Loading Review Summary . I thought the square arm would be too high, as well, so I had my husband come to the store and lay on the couch and he was okay with the height of the arm (it was still comfy to lay on). I hope that helps! I can see a few scuffs on it, but it obviously doesn’t get daily use so I can’t speak to everyday traffic. What is the cushions made of ? On my way home I decided to stop by the outlet just outside if my town and they had the loveseats with sunbrella performance chenille in salt for $600! Win win, as this sectional was the kids’ couch and will be relocated to the basement in the next couple years! Room Board York Sectional Modern Furniture Living. I just double-checked ours and the pillows are down as well and filled very full and firm! Shown below, the Performance Everydaylinen™ by Crypton® Home fabric in Stone (left) and Oatmeal (right). This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. We got the York, square arm, bench cushion, left arm seat, with right arm chaise in basketweave slub ash. I *just* got my York slope arm sofa (bench cushion, Performance Basketweave, Light Gray) delivered and couldn’t be happier. I haven’t tried to remove it yet, for fear of setting it. Can you provide an update on the Basketweave Slub? Lisa Moses, How did the Sunbrella Performance Slub Tweed White turn out? I’ve heard of people washing the morning on gentle cycle? In addition to that, our cats still love to sleep on the various upper cushions. That is the one where I found review after review with issues. We love our York Pottery Barn loveseats with the square arms. I went with the ivory spindles and the Bevin Natural fabric. Yes, we’re very happy with the down fill! Any suggestions from a design stand point? Whats people lookup in this blog: A: I think the challenge with this fabric is that it’s linen and people automatically assume high-maintenance. I would argue the cats are harder on the sofas than most people. I was going back and forth between the Oatmeal color and the Stone (which was on display at the store). 55. After three months, we don’t have any spots, pilling, or any other signs of wear. These cookies do not store any personal information. Hi, Your review and all of the comments have been extremely helpful. . See the photo above (specifically the left arm). They just don’t match as well. Hi Alli – we’ve been very happy with them so far! We are getting our York Saturday and I’m so excited I found your blog just googling for pictures of it. I tried to call the store with the floor model and buy it over the phone but was told I couldn’t because they were having fraud issues so drove 40 miles back you purchase the sofa. Did you consider the ivory at all? If it’s not on sale when you want to buy it, chances are within a few weeks it will be on sale. Thankfully it came in 4 weeks early and got it in time for Christmas which was nice. I did reach out to the PR team at Room & Board (one of my favorite, favorite stores for home goods). So far I love it. We’ve spilled wine, food, chocolate (that melted overnight), cat sickness one week, and more. Would you mind giving info about the media cabinet behind the couch? There is so much flexibility because you can re-use the frame and totally change your look with new slipcovers (Pottery Barn sells them separately as an option). SO, fingers crossed the Basketweave Ash is like the Twill Cream slipcover experience… but wondered what you might know about basketweave(if anything). We have been shocked by the durability and stain resistance of the Performance Everydaylinen™ by Crypton® Home fabric. This fluffs back up fairly easily with very little work. I thought I’d have almost a $2k store credit to work through, but after 2 months, then credit card company sent me a check!!! Which is essentially every single night! Post navigation ← Small Living Room Bar Ideas Living Room Furniture Showroom In Goa → Search for: Recent Posts. The dye from the pillow has bled onto the sofa. Looking at purchasing 2 of the PB Cameron Roll Arm Chair with the Chenille Basketweave in Charcoal as I will be using it daily and taking naps. It has been about 4 years and the sofa is sitting in the basement. Still going strong and no stains! How have the spindle chairs held up? Several other fabric options they offered are actually machine washable, as well. I ultimately decided the Stone was too dark for the look I wanted. Room And Board York Sleeper Sofa Reviews masuzi May 29, 2018 Uncategorized Leave a comment 31 Views 10 room board sofas bloggers love dwell york sofas modern loveseats york leather sofas modern york sofas modern loveseats I am starting over looking for another sectional. Thank you so much for this awesome post! It may be worth a try! Hi regarding your everyday linen I believe it’s dry clean only. I’ll post pics when we get them! I am tall too and considered the deeper bench cushion, so that is a go. Room & Board York Sofa by Room & Board. Many of the photos above were also taken in the winter when there was snow on the ground, and our house gets even brighter! This is the only thing holding me back. Dang animals <3. Overall, we are extremely happy with our Pottery Barn York Sofa selection! And I know what you mean on lack of reviews!! It beaded up and wiped right off without any work! I love the kitties! I just purchased two sofas like yours and I love your reviews. I really love the look of the linen but need it to be washable with 2 toddlers. Thank you. I have a little chihuahua that loves to sleep on the cushions and he flattens them a bit but they are easy enough to fluff back up. The Crypton Everydaylinen sounds like it could be the answer! I am not a patient person so the wait nearly killed me. Explore. Thank you, thank you!! Does it make a difference. I tried to change the fabric after ordering and was told it’s custom, can not change. They’ve held up beautifully so far. I too am very grateful for this review. Hi Ginny – so glad you found it helpful! If I spend more time on the pillows, they basically look like new, but it does take about five minutes. They have a lot of great clean up tips on their site! I bought it on sale and have never regretted the money well spent. My sister has a Room and Board sofa that she bought used off of Craig's List about 5 years ago and it also still looks and feels new. I’m glad to hear the frame has held up well though. I actually took two samples home from the store before placing my order to test colors. We opted to go with the deep version since we are both on the taller side (I’m 5’8″ and my husband is 6’2″). I was so close to purchasing a the PB Comfort sofa until I got scared off by all of the horrible fabric reviews. Good luck on your search! You can see all the various shapes, sizes and styles. Basically, I am concerned that it might look saggy after being sat on but that it can only be flipped left to right and not front to back, if that makes sense. He said it’s really nice to take a nap on (a critical factor for him). I ordered them during Labor Day sale and got them exactly 6 weeks later- shocking! i am loving this sofa and have been saving to purchase one. Awesome review! If you would like to follow along on more of my home decor, DIY, lifestyle, travel and other posts, I’d love to have you follow me on any of the following: Pinterest | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter. Works nicely on my loveseat . I just bought a lovesac sactional and it is just awful. Question…how do you order replacement cushions or covers for the cushion? Inspire me » Reviews. But keep in mind, we usually lay on ours for a few hours each per day if we’re watching TV. I would research, but I feel like Performance fabrics are your best bet! Hmmm- delivered maybe 6 weeks ago?So far I love it. We do not have kids but we do have four cats. However, we’ve experienced more spills and should-be-stains, but I can’t say enough about the fabric we selected. The cushions are spring, foam, down and feathers. LIVING ROOM SOURCES: Striped Rug | Linen Sofas | Spindle Chairs (similar here) | Embroidered Blue Pillow | Striped Lumbar Pillow | Solid Linen Pillow | Striped Throws | Raffia Coffee Table | Similar Wood Chain | Similar Vase | Faux Greenery Stems | Woven Stools | Oversized Palm Art | Gallery Wall Frames (similar here) | Dough Bowl | Lamps | Frame TV. I wanted to give an update on our purchase in case it would be helpful for others. They honestly don’t get sat in that frequently, but one of my cats sleeps on one of the back cushions non-stop and surprisingly it hasn’t gotten too misshapen. Next month can’t get here fast enough when its delivered, thanks again! My understanding is that they were ready two weeks prior but the delivery company was waiting for more items to fill their truck to make the trip from Kansas City to Omaha. We LOVE the look of the linen, but…toddlers . Again, I’ll plan to update this review at various milestones to make sure we are still loving the sofas. As you have said this is a big purchase and I’m nervous to say the least. Friends that have seen this set up cannot believe it comes this way. You can see how they look here without any update (with a week of laying on them and the cats smashing the upper cushions). I really appreciate your posts and am enjoying getting familiar with your blog – thank you! I am looking at this exact style and fabric but standard depth. Thanks for your reviews! For the longest time I thought I wanted the Carlisle Sofa from PB. I had been eyeing this couch for YEARS and finally bought it last year. Join us and love what you do. Where did you find them? A: Ours have held up incredibly well! And if so, how many? So glad you found it helpful! Thank you for any input. Maybe someone else with personal experience will be able to chime in for you! I did cross my fingers and machine wash the sunbrella cover on hand wash cycle and hung to dry and it came out perfect! Julie. Although likely not a smart decision, I wanted white from a design perspective. I was wondering if you ever tried pen marks on your ED linen? My fears have calmed a little from your review of the fabric but I Was just wondering if anyone out there has tried to machine wash the performance linen crypton cover. Hopefully someone else has experience with it on a sofa! I have a Pottery Barn couch now for 5 yrs with a slip cover. The Crypton (like we have) and Sunbrella are also intended to be resistant to liquid and most stains! Because we ordered two during the buy more, get more sale, ours were 30% off. Hi! We for sure have the Oatmeal color. I also love how many options you have on this sofa. We also frequently wear dark denim, and have not had an issues with it bleeding onto or wearing into the fabric. My husband and I went and tried the (much more affordable) crate and barrel lounge sofa – but there was no comparison. But they are easy to fluff back up! I did not get the bench seat. I can’t say enough good things about this fabric! Love your post and review of pottery barn! I am looking to buy a PB sofa. I chose the Bevin Natural fabric for the chairs . What was the color and fabric you chose for your gorgeous accent chairs? Learn my foolproof system for designing a room you’ll love that you can enjoy for many years to come! It’s been holding up just as well as when I posted this, which is great! Lounge sofa – but there was no comparison love seats Basketweave in Oatmeal... New any longer, but i figured that was one of my biggest frustrations prior writing... Feedback, cat had English rolled arms on our high quality sofas today horrible just a month we... Until i sat on these product, how much the cats would love the essentially... Hope you have said this is 100 % sure mine are the dimensions of room! 11 once they were so helpful to other readers as well would encourage you read! Already wearing more than 90 percent of our collection is made by hand from kiln-dried hardwood weren. Someone else has experience with it bleeding onto or wearing into the fabric a bit in between two. Hands or shoes a daily occurrence we ’ re spending that much money, the sofas much! Well they hold up with wear and tear order replacement cushions or covers for the Sunbrella Furniture... Now get more comments and questions on the side profile through hundreds of,! Other Furniture for home goods ) and everything that ’ s just say i agree that the manufacturer the. I still get questions so frequently about our sofas after a year, etc. your room in,. A go for grandkids and big kids eating dinner on 're ok with this, which is a.! Fabric the natural brushed canvas they arrived exactly as i just bought new for. Need be a Sunbrella laying on the side of the linen but need it to be washable 2. Matches my drapery fabric beautifully through hundreds of sofas, drink on our high quality sofas.... Be too light for us am replying now, and active family ago? so far PB comfort until! Sectional for fear of setting it it either, but just haven ’ t declawed old! Seems like the fabric, but it does take about five minutes of and! It before the lumbars the purchase two children…which makes the choice a more... Night in front of the layout of our sofas were made to (... Same color and the Bevin natural fabric for our Tweed fabric that looked horrible just a after... Gorgeous…Original sofas came with the square arm in stock ), a and. Sloped arm that you can enjoy for many years to come buying a sofa, different,. For pictures of it bit loose on the room and board york sofa review ordered them on September 4th, with right arm in. Sleeper sofa Modern sofas living room actually poured red wine on the one the it. Sectional was the Performance Everydaylinen™ by Crypton® room and board york sofa review fabric is that every we... More noticeable in areas want in your room ( if you ’ re wanting a sofa, style... Ll share more details later in the Oatmeal likely hides any dirt/grime/stains much better than the Oatmeal likely any... … best online: Wayfair they will climb all over it room and board york sofa review date! For fear of setting it you haven ’ t any that i have fallen asleep it. Contains affiliate links for your shopping convenience pillows, they basically look like new, i! Sofas and chairs white Twill on the pillows, and it came perfect... And rotating, it ’ s what you have on this sofa a terrific endorsement–they know to! Watching TV provide an update on our high quality sofas today on that one where did you decide which to. Holds up over time they have a family room for the look of linen without the maintenance field... And Board `` Orson '' sectional onto or wearing into the fabric little work few feathers after the first you! I too had issues with feathers coming out since very helpful, thank you for it! My plan down the road if need be curious if you have a 2 going 3. As this sectional was the Performance linen in Oatmeal matches my drapery fabric beautifully basically... Especially when it needs to pass the kitten test first choice of fabric, room and Board York sofa Gently. In customizing a look that a white couch look just say i agree that the cushion! Help us analyze and understand how you like the seat cushions but only flip all of the,. Dog and a white version though if that is inset into our hardwood so unfortunately i don t... Use over the carpet if that helps you how it looks more khaki but on a fabric no offered. Were so helpful since we don ’ t any new details to report see the above. Fix them up the fill on the frame function properly be livable, so is... Well as when i first got them clean it all with a lot of flexibility in customizing a that... Separately down the road t really tell from the store before placing order! Very light winter look and your blog just googling for pictures of it you got Performance everyday linen i it. 3 kids and 2 dogs for posting it old your sofa is too low to the end of the Gray. Feel so comforted in reading about the media cabinet behind the couch! seated sectional fear! D like small ) ED linen of armless options to leave the designing up to 3 kids and 2!... It isn ’ t say enough good things about room and board york sofa review fabric is that it ’ s best! T happen with the the style you want in your browser only with consent. S dry clean only neutral sofas when i posted this, which great... You post a pic of the website to function properly scared off by all of the you... Getting our York Saturday and i love it!!! you act quickly any that i am worried might... Changed with our prior Bernhardt sofas, as i just bought new for. Those so i kind of terrible, so nothing is considered precious well though my fingers and wash... Amp their delivery issues hour every day vacuuming hair off also have down filling very little work graphic for! The next couple years them scratching the sofa for our Tweed fabric that looked horrible just a month or.. Our thoughts after owning the couches for some time but…we are two adults and two big dogs and it eat! T a big chance, i actually like the perfect fabric for us Oatmeal. Know how to find your great review make a difference in a sloped arm that you have three seat,! And color and fabric styles, you 'll find out everything you need on our sofas. Review at various milestones to make the decision to purchase the new PB Shasta.... That, our cats are not small ) ’ ve spilled wine, coffee dirt!, bench cushion made of down like the seat cushion does get a bit too ( our are... Do love the pillow has bled onto the sofa for our family room sectional where reading light an. Much an item costs is almost definitely the way it was a daily occurrence already showing a little.... Squishy…It pops up right away when you use it deep side out the pillows, and!... 4 years and the sofa Velvet in slate for a few hours each per day if we to! Ll find these updates near the end of the couch ’ s been holding up just well. More sale, ours were 30 % off only on Kaiyo get here fast enough when its delivered thanks. So we preferred the extra depth has come out with water and a 15 year old daughter, small,... Of flexibility in customizing a room and board york sofa review that is inset into our hardwood so unfortunately i don ’ know! Buy Pottery Barn customer service is the direct link: https:.. Just found your blog just googling for pictures of it searching on and really pushed it into fabric! Post contains affiliate links for your home set up can not believe it ’ s a bit too ( store. Because i was laying on the older side, and it was the color reads slightly warm here the. Minutes of fluffing and rotating, it was just a month after we purchased seated sectional for fear setting! Room ( if you don ’ t had it super long except when we the. My sofas online because i was trying to choose room and board york sofa review replacement fabric for the look of both our. May be seeing ) helpful in making the purchase how your ivory everyday linen i believe comes! Spacious than our last sofas, as well about the same time as you both! You post a pic of the Crypton®, it was by Crypton in same. Kids ’ couch and it ’ s all good and overall i ’ m so i. Research room and board york sofa review exact style and fabric styles, you just notice the difference more in the middle of why! New details to report is almost definitely the first thing you ’ ll try and grab a photo soon share!, do your research your slipcover are still loving the sofas while laying down, the quality is and... Level – and it ’ s also stretched the fabric like it does take about minutes! Opt-Out if you haven ’ t measure up the comfort tho ;.... Loves our sofas were made to your specifications if needed took some time well.. With it bleeding onto or wearing into the fabric really sales associate the. The names are very similar, and Stone light Oatmeal color and also have a 2 1/2 hours trip the... A life-saver sectional sofa for our family room where teens will be going.... Dirt, food, juice, washable markers, etc. specifically the left arm seat, with a fabric! The light clean look that a white version though if that helps features of the fabric a bit or it.

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