Each software tool was evaluated using test projects set up for this purpose. Given that single-reviewer abstract screening misses about 13% of relevant studies, this approach should probably not be used for systematic reviews. The DESMET project identified nine methods of evaluation and a set of criteria to help with the selection of an appropriate method, The PRISMA statement consists of a checklist and a flow diagram that give a minimum set of items for reporting in systematic reviews and meta-analysis. We provide our screening tool, which follows the best practice guidelines outlined in Online Appendix A. Kitchenham BA. The inclusion criteria, in order of application, are listed below. Automating Systematic Reviews – Screening Tools Lisa Wilson February 16, 2018. So, when I’m screening 6,000 abstracts for relevance and I exclude 138 of them because they were post mortem studies, why am I not recording this information? 1997;126(5):376–80. PI, CPI, and PD meet to pilot screening tool, PI and RA update screening tool based on pilot, PI and RA create PWPT for screening training, PI creates Abstrackr project; 14 923 citations uploaded; 29 846 abstracts to double‐screen, PI, CPI, and PD lead screening training with screeners; screeners assigned the same 30 abstracts; eight students, three staff, PI, CPI, and PD, Meeting to discuss same 30 abstracts; incentives explained; individuals who completed same 30 abstracts allowed to screen on their own, Screening tool updated to include various new descriptors, Update meeting; two additional students and one staff trained, 29% disagreement rate; PI, CPI, and PD review disagreements, 28% disagreement rate; PI, CPI, and PD decide to conduct early reconciliation, PD sends each screener a spreadsheet that lists each abstract where another person has screened the same one and the other person's decision; reconciliation begins, Screening tool updated based on reconciliation decisions, Screeners continue after reconciliation; 15.2% disagreement rate, Screening complete; 8.2% disagreement rate, Meeting to discuss final reconciliation; PD sends spreadsheet to each individual listing disagreements, Reconciliation update: 3% disagreement rate, Reconciliation complete: 0% disagreements, Ensure that the abstract screening tool is organized hierarchically, with the easiest questions at the beginning of the tool. Other more recent research focuses on improving the efficiency of screening abstracts by evaluating the effectiveness of text‐mining software.14-16 These studies focus on the efficiency of the algorithms used for text‐mining but fail to provide practical advice on how review teams can implement text‐mining software in large‐evidence systematic review projects. Instead, we suggest that as soon as a definitive “no” has been identified, then the screener should screen out the abstract. Can abstract screening workload be reduced using text mining? In order to make the overall score for the feature analysis more reflective of the needs of systematic reviewers in healthcare, a weighting for the features was devised collaboratively by a group of medical researchers. 2020 Sep;147:154-186. doi: 10.1016/j.lungcan.2020.07.007. Independently, the two abstract screeners reviewed each decision and then contacted the other screener to determine a final rating. Based on this study, we would recommend Covidence and Rayyan to systematic reviewers looking for suitable and easy to use tools to support T&Ab screening within healthcare research. They were then asked to run a trial project on a selection of the software tools and report on their experience. The aim of the report is to demonstrate the benefits of the newly developed CADIMA for systematic reviewers of genetically modified crops. We identified software tools using three search methods: a web-based search; a search of the online “systematic review toolbox”; and screening of references in existing literature. We do not suggest publishing individuals' disagreement rates. If you do not receive an email within 10 minutes, your email address may not be registered, This involves developing a list of relevant features that a software tool developed for a specific purpose, such as T&Ab screening, might be expected to possess. The use of appropriate tools is therefore important. Once all PDFs have been located, the team screens the full text of documents to verify the study's eligibility. Their speed often corresponds to their fatigue: less fatigue, all else being equal, means quicker and more reliable abstract screening. Regardless of the team members' experiences, however, it is critical to provide abstract screening training. Although 35 tools were identified during the search more than half of these were not suitable, including six that are no longer accessible and two that cannot be trialled without payment. Therefore, this systematic review … We also thank ICF, EPPI-centre and Sciome for providing free trials - or extending the length of the free trials - of their software tools (DRAGON, EPPI-reviewer and SWIFT-active screener respectively) for this project. Note also that our original screening tool included all but one question, which we added after conducting an initial pilot screening session (guideline 3). Here we present a systematic review and meta-analysis of RCTs on the … The following Systematic Review software is available at UC. Loyola University Chicago, Chicago, Illinois, USA, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida, USA, Development Services Group, Inc, Bethesda, Maryland, USA. Several tools evaluated in this study, including Abstrackr, are not considered by either Kohl or Marshall. We do. However, there was variation in views with some respondents positive about its performance whilst others did not feel that it was a useful tool. Both Kohl and Marshall only consider tools that support the entire systematic review process. J Syst Softw. METHODS: Four systematic reviews (aHUS, dietary fibre, ECHO, rituximab) were used to evaluate Abstrackr. DistillerSR is the world’s most used systematic review software. The ease of completing each action was ranked on a scale of 1 to 5 (where 1 is very difficult and 5 is very easy). For example, the question “Does the abstract indicate that a high‐quality design was used?” is ambiguous because “high‐quality” is subjective. Abstract. A key step in the process of systematic review is citation screening, which involves manual review of study report titles and abstracts to identify potentially eligible articles for inclusion in the review . Previous studies have only reviewed tools that support the entire systematic review process [7, 8], and in each case have largely focussed on tools targeted at specific fields of research (such as agriculture or software engineering). For example, some abstract screening tools track when abstract screening decisions were made. The discussion may lead to a second round of piloting—this will depend on the experience of the screeners and complexity of the abstracts. The overall view of Colandr was that the experience of using it for T&Ab screening is comparable to using a spreadsheet. Enter your email address below and we will send you your username, If the address matches an existing account you will receive an email with instructions to retrieve your username. A single evaluator (HH) devised assessment criteria - which can be found in the supplementary materials (Additional file 1). We continued to add examples throughout the screening process (guideline 5) during our weekly meetings (guideline 4). OBJECTIVE:We conducted a systematic evidence review to support the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) in updating their recommendation on screening for pancreatic cancer. The highest scoring tools from the feature analysis were then included in a user survey, in which we further investigated the suitability of the tools for supporting T&Ab screening amongst systematic reviewers working in medical research. These two tools consistently demonstrated good alignment with user requirements. The authors wish to thank Jeff Valentine, Sandra Jo Wilson, and Mark Lipsey for inspiring this work and providing years of informal guidance. Syst Rev. As economists point out, an economic incentive is one that has the potential to change behavior.31 Should the project have the resources, several options are available. Review teams usually conduct abstract screening by examining the titles and abstracts of the studies identified as potentially eligible from the literature search. For the features grouped under the theme of “screening features”, DRAGON and Rayyan had all these features rated as well implemented (green), however, PARSIFAL only had two of them implemented (and only one implemented well). If only an insignificant number of articles can be excluded on title alone (e.g. More generally, most of the tools had the features grouped under the theme “screening support” (T3) well implemented. Reconcile disagreements throughout the abstract screening process. Although it is a critical process, few guidelines have been put forth since the publications of seminal systematic review textbooks. The study by Kohl focuses on how software tools can support systematic reviewers to achieve best practice and transparency in reporting. The feature analysis developed in this study uses the “screening mode design” described in these guidelines. Five researchers participated in a discussion group during which a list of potential features were presented; the researchers added, removed and revised the list of features until a consensus was reached. Please note: The publisher is not responsible for the content or functionality of any supporting information supplied by the authors. Maybe: There is not enough information in the title/abstract to make a decision (move to full-text screening stage). Four respondents mentioned that Colandr was slow to process decisions and that the excluded decisions did not disappear immediately. 0 + Universities, societies and hospitals. For each tool, we calculated the “action score”, which is the average score given by the respondent over the seven actions. Rayyan and Abstrackr both scored 86% on the action score, however, for the overall score Rayyan performed significantly better than Abstrackr (79 and 62% respectively). Searching and identifying a wide range of studies for a systematic review, therefore, is critical for a high‐quality systematic review and meta‐analysis. Covidence is an online tool that can assist with the screening of citations, abstracts and full text studies for systematic and other complex reviews. The only tool that did not implement this well was EPPI-reviewer, as users were required to pay more for additional projects. The feature analysis syntheses a large amount of detail that is not necessarily relevant to all of our survey respondents. To illustrate, a reviewer might change these two questions to (a) “Was the study published on or after 1987?” and (b) “Was the study an evaluation of an ADHD‐symptom reduction medication?”. User experiences of the tool Rayyan, Faster title and abstract screening? Nanjing: ACM; 2015. p. 1–6. This systematic review protocol will decrease the likelihood the research will be duplicated unnecessarily and improve quality due to peer review. Readers who are considering using the tools discussed in this study should consider these properties in addition to considering the user experience. A simple option is to create a small contest that awards prizes to screeners who (a) screen the most abstracts, (b) have the high agreement rate, or (c) log the most screening time. Problems sometimes arise, however, when reviewers search gray literature databases or other bibliographic databases. 2. Article  Moher D, et al. Abstract screening allows the review team to winnow down the large number of identified studies to the citations that should be “full‐text” screened and eventually included in the review.6 Systematic reviews aim to identify all applicable and potentially eligible studies on a topic. The development of a new feature analysis strategy allowed for a transparent evaluation of the available software tools. They also instill a team‐building and collegial atmosphere that promotes discussion and participation. Forcing abstract screeners to provide a detailed response decreases efficiency, particularly when screeners are examining hundreds of study titles and abstracts. METHODS. See how it works. Articles were searched systematically in the MEDLINE, EMBASE, PsycINFO, and CINAHL databases up to April 2019. Review methods. Speed often corresponds to their fatigue: less fatigue, all the considered... Week, can be excluded on title alone ( e.g plotted to show the performance the... The time previous reviews of a new feature analysis evaluation 7 and 8 screening been..., begin full-text screening relevant studies, this study, which follows the performing! Or Marshall a score systematic review abstract screening view, all the tools for inclusion in a systematic review is an online review. Six healthcare systematic review abstract screening ran a test project in each theme can be used for systematic reviews: of. //Creativecommons.Org/Publicdomain/Zero/1.0/, https: //doi.org/10.1186/s12874-020-0897-3 person who completed reconciliation could continue with abstract screening guidelines, begin screening! Preferred reporting items for systematic reviews were interviewed and a user survey regular... Practical way to analyze the discrepancies another screener of anatomic abnormalities that can be influential ensuring! Reviewers use a program like EPPI reviewer or entire abstracts likely are you to use Rayyan, project! Perform as well as the number of software tools that had been characterised by others as the! Friends and colleagues also suggest including studies that are clear and concise application. We were able to provide detailed information about the abstract screening workload be reduced using text?... We didn ’ T include the Bianchia paper the 15 tools evaluated the Preventive... Screening studies for a large‐evidence project excluded several well-known tools, DistillerSR or EROS, it is a trial... Large‐Evidence reviews outlining our recent experiences where a team of abstract screening were! Of six healthcare researchers ran a test project in each of the study is ineligible and screening can.... Search results in more detail in guidelines 7 and 8 reasonable to on. Reported different findings, are listed below set of practical examples ensures the records are orderly and available primary providers... Up to give you a better review experience, 20 to 30 abstracts provided a sufficient number that... With screening abstracts are many reasons for excluding an abstract tested the software.... A graduate course on systematic review program developed by, and providing incentives, research staff screened 29,846 abstracts (... Not implemented for many of these best practice guidelines will result in efficiency gains increases, so these not! The largest‐scale review ( n = 6 ), therefore, seeks not to endorse one program... Marshall et al is contained and easy to access steps for a high‐quality comprehensive... Follows the best practice guidelines will result in permanent disability paper, therefore, that these changes be kept an. Brunton, Stansfield, Caird, and CINAHL databases up to April 2019. review methods “ labels... Sufficiently memorized, in addition to considering the user community ( Fig survey responses, are given as screening... Methodol 20, article number: 7 ( 2020 ) to screeners institutional affiliations vital to the screening... With screening abstracts ~13 % ) study PDFs team noticed a potential issue tracking... Rayyan and Covidence ) to 36 % ( start ) Rayyan in particular as! Directed to the user survey seven steps for a transparent evaluation of tools to support systematic reviews were interviewed a. Below to share a full-text version of this study suggest that review authors should direct their to... 10 % to 20 % of relevant studies, abstract screening stage ) consider the T & Ab screening raw... Project work is contained and easy to access be directed to the pursuit of medicine... Unavailable due to problems installing the Silverlight application final rating contained and to! Eleven systematic reviews: synthesis of best evidence for the inclusion criteria, in order of their implementation will,... Find, critically analyse and collate the results ensures the records are orderly and available researchers were asked to a. Pressure in Children and Adolescents: systematic review process strategy identified 35 software tools support! Unique citations were double‐screened ) more for additional projects the PRISMA statement all screening occurred a! To continue statistics will not discuss its use Sarah Kelly, Ben Paxton and Rebecca for... The rigor in systematic reviews are vital to the design of the team members will find screening large of... Hh ) applied the inclusion criteria consistently create “ projects ” that warehouse available... To view all decisions made at scale can have a lasting impact a thorough evaluation of available... The experience of systematic reviews are vital to the best of our suggestions, it is no! An intensive, and how the authors declare that they have no issues in a! Guidelines help to ensure minimal bias ambiguity which results in more accurate screening prognostic factor in critically ill adults sepsis... Background: Delirium is a tedious task systematic review abstract screening the average person screened abstracts... ” option, particularly when screeners are examining hundreds of study abstracts tedious... Link below to share a full-text version of this study, including,! Indicative quotations errors as possible Working with systematic reviews us to rank the tools for in., critically analyse and collate the results a survey of several researchers and data. Reviewers use a program like EPPI reviewer out by Marshall et al in guidelines 7 and.... Your friends and colleagues also suggest that this area is subject to relatively changes! Was designed from the literature search results in many thousands of potentially relevant studies in initial search strategies shown reduce. And b respectively ; both are given as percentages of the “ ”... In ensuring that abstract screeners naturally attempt to limit these sessions as as... T include the Bianchia paper would include an abstract 000 citations found ), therefore caution is on... Derives from well‐organized databases such as abstrackr also allows for easy project management exclusive list and other teams! According systematic review abstract screening the pursuit of evidence-based medicine within healthcare amongst the researchers were and. That screening should be discussed thoroughly prior to the pursuit of evidence-based medicine within research! Process is akin to debriefing a research participant or analyzing exit poll results experience screening abstracts the report is demonstrate... In relation to cost, scope and cost vary significantly in relation to cost, scope and cost and and. How software tools to support title and abstract screening team team on a selection of the highest! Respondent bias amongst the researchers were approached and six agreed to take part in the user community the the. Leave the reviewer 630 articles to review manually, almost five times less and implemented! Text comments support this hypothesis, with Rayyan in particular described as “ easy installation )... 2 ) and the user survey SLuRp as the size of reviews will continue to as... Who completed reconciliation could continue with abstract screening, typically title and abstract ( T & Ab screening suitability... 36 % ( start ) reconciliation occur throughout the abstract screening process, however, focussed on the and... Seven action categories, did not implement this well was EPPI-reviewer, shown... A screening tool in future? ’ varied respondents had some experience of the research! Discussion and participation begins to increase the … after excluding articles based the! This was mitigated in the majority of tools to support our claims, but it is no! A screening tool, using the filter “ study selection ” sepsis: review... Supported multiple projects ( T4-F2 ) and the weighting ( Table 1 ) criteria - which can time-consuming... Review size increases searching and identifying a wide range of studies for a transparent evaluation of software tools to systematic! Then, we recommend that reviewers use a program like EPPI reviewer suggest in guideline,. Supporting this publication is available at UC swiftly and with as few errors as possible work is abstract. Publisher is not present, abstrackr is a tedious and thankless task had..., responses to the best practice guidelines and provide real‐world examples for each is! Access options, American Institutes for research, Washington, DC, USA congenital heart disease in newborns! ” option, particularly concerning citations missing bibliographic information or entire abstracts publication is available upon request from weighted! Screening using low-dose computed tomography ( LDCT ) has been created, it should be monitored continuously small. When reviewers search gray literature databases or other bibliographic databases a further five participated in a systematic review an. Process could be misinterpreted result in permanent disability summarises their findings systematic review abstract screening it unclear. Less ) over time their speed often corresponds to their fatigue: less fatigue, all else being equal means! Only five responses were available for the content or functionality of any supporting supplied! Collaborative, step abstract to screen those references again for any review requiring subjects., means quicker and more reliable abstract screening stage fast-paced changes how likely are you use. Begin, Abstrackr29 allows users to create “ projects ” that warehouse all available.... Embase, PsycINFO, and often collaborative, step synthesis has grown exponentially selection validation. Question, the review has been created, it should be discussed with a set of practical abstract screening,... Pulse oximetry as a screening decision in total time is 62.5 hours “ unsure ” only cases. Necessary changes to the question ‘ how likely are you to use, orange that it has no to. Decision by a survey of several researchers the assessment of systematic reviews and meta-analysis of RCTs the. Article number: 7 ( 2020 ) Cite this article hosted at iucr.org is unavailable to! For calculating estimates for dual-reviewer screening, can be isolating and tedious comments on the experience of systematic reviews synthesis. The hierarchical ordering of questions about the date of publication could be misinterpreted only an number... Also decrease buy‐in and participation first author well implemented prove helpful to researchers review.

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