About us

Who We Are

In 2015, a team of architects and engineers with 20 years of experience in real estate, planning, and designing; residential administrative and commercial projects, established 24 Group company for real estate; with a lot of passion, aspiration, and hard work.

Since 24 Group started, we launched many projects introducing new concepts, innovative designs, and high quality to the customers and market all over New Cairo area, leading to being pioneers in the real estate development industry.

We always search for the best areas to develop to sustain the best investment practice and enjoy the luxury of living, for our customers.

Our Mission

We seek with our projects to reach to the customers and market needs, Training new and promising calibers and transferring our knowledge and experience to keep developing our company and widening its scope.

Our Vision

To continue to grow and develop more areas and landscapes in Egypt with our innovative designs and high quality of structure, aiming to have a positive impact on our community

24 Group Since was founded in 2015

We were in the right place at the right time, and from the start, our group of talented engineers focused on an important purpose Excellence - commitment - creativity And here we continue to achieve our goal through the continuous development of design and construction of an exceptional structure, and we are proud of what we have reached Where 24 Group has gained its reputation in the field of real estate development through innovative and smart designs, in addition to high-quality development with our commitment to the end time of any project adopted by our company. Our ability to excel engineering planning and constant innovation for architectural designs of our projects, produced in a short period of time structures of visual beauty and lasting quality This led to satisfactory returns on our investments and enabled us, day by day, to lead our specialized real estate market in New Cairo.